ClearView CBD Topical Product Review

Curious about the differences between our topical products? Not sure which to get? To be as transparent as possible, we’ve outlined the main differences for you below!

Products Discussed:
NEW 1000mg Pain Relief Cream w/Lidocaine
2000mg 3.4oz Topical Cream
1000mg 1.7oz Topical Cream
1200mg 2fl.oz Roll-On
Topical Cream Sachet (25 Pack)

All of our medical-grade, THC-free, pure CBD isolate topical products are equally potent, with the exception of our slightly stronger Roll-On. If you know CBD works for you, any of our creams will provide you with about the same amount of CBD per milligram. This includes the 2000mg 3.4oz Topical Cream, 1000mg 1.7oz Topical Cream, NEW Pain Relief Cream w/ Lidocaine, and Topical Cream Sachets. In addition to high-potency CBD isolate, the Pain Relief Cream offers the temporary pain-relieving properties of 3% Lidocaine, 4% Menthol, and 1% Camphor.

Although all of our cream products are equally potent in CBD content, the amount of CBD per pump depends on the container. One pump of the 2000mg Cream contains approximately 20mg CBD, whereas a pump from the 1000mg Cream or 1000mg Pain Relief Cream w/Lidocaine provides about 5mg of CBD. One entire Sachet contains about 15mg of CBD. The Sachets are also small, light, and compact, making for easy on-the-go application.

Our 1200mg 2fl.oz Topical Roll-On, meanwhile, is slightly more potent than the creams. It offers the additional benefit of no-mess application, since it does not need to be rubbed in. However, because it is rolled on, it is not possible to accurately measure how much CBD you are getting per application.

Speaking of application, all ClearView-Thrive topicals, with the exception of the Pain Relief Cream w/ Lidocaine can be used as needed. Due to the active ingredients in the Pain Relief Cream, it’s best to refer to your healthcare provider about how much of this product to apply and how often to do so.

If you’ve made it this far, you probably still have questions. Most likely, they’re about pricing! We know our products seem expensive—but did you know they offer some of the best value on the market for lab-tested pure CBD isolate?

Starting with the Legacy creams, our 1000mg Topical Cream is priced at $64.50, and the 2000mg Topical Cream’s retail value is $119.50. This means you pay only 6 cents per milligram of CBD for each Legacy cream product. The 25 pack of Sachets works out to just 5 cents for each milligram, with a retail price of $19.50 for about 375 total milligrams of CBD.

Although the 25 pack of Sachets has a lower price per mg than our bottled products, keep in mind that there is a likelihood of some cream in the Sachets getting stuck in the corners or caught in the top section when it is ripped off and thrown away. Due to the way the pump works in our topical cream bottles, we can assure you will get every last bit of cream (and CBD!) you paid for from these products. If you look at similar products on the market, you will see that our prices per milligram are some of the lowest, if not the lowest in comparison to products of the same quality standards.

The Roll-On’s retail value is $72.50, which rounds off to about 6 cents/mg of CBD. Its retail price is slightly higher than the 1000mg Cream because the Roll-On contains more CBD and is more potent. Lastly, our new Pain Relief Cream’s introductory price is $74.50 (limited time only), or about 7 cents/mg of CBD. You pay a bit more for the Pain Relief Cream for its active analgesic (pain-relieving) ingredients.

That covers all of our current topical products! Hopefully we have answered most of your questions, but if not, be sure to browse through our website,! We are also happy to answer questions about our products by phone at 833-223-3111 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday-Friday.

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