Preliminary Findings Show No Liver Toxicity with Oral CBD Use

Although there is a mounting pile of scientific evidence for the medical use of CBD, thorough clinical research into CBD is an ongoing process. Because much about CBD is still unknown, there are some concerns regarding its use.

One such concern with CBD use is liver toxicity, especially when used in conjunction with other medications. However, a new, preliminary study conducted over 7 months by Validcare with assistance from several CBD companies shows this concern may be unnecessary.

Nearly 70% of the 839 participants had a medical condition for which they were taking medication in addition to oral CBD, but no elevation in liver function tests (an indicator of potential liver problems) compared to similar populations could be found. Even more promisingly, no evidence of liver disease was found. Validcare is already planning to study a second cohort for further evidence.

As more exciting, ground-breaking studies on CBD are published, we hope to share them with you. Going forward, we’ll be summarizing other promising CBD research as well as providing other information on CBD on this blog, so stay tuned!

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